Friday, May 22, 2009


Film: "Valentín"Genre: Comedy Drama.Director: Alejandro Agresti.Actors: Carmen Maura (Grandmother), Julieta Cardinali (Leticia), Jean Pierre Noher (Uncle Chiche), Rodrigo Noya (Valentín), Alejandro Agresti (Father), Mex Urtizberea (Rufo), Juan Cruz Burdeu, Carlos Roffé (Dr. Galaburri)

“Valentin” is set in Buenos Aires in the year 1960. Valentin, the main character, is nine years old and lives in a very simple house with his grandmother. Unluckily, he does not see his mom regularly and his dad does not care about him. He does not have many friends. Valentin is a very timid boy, who really feels alone.
He has two big dreams: firstly, he wants to become an astronaut and secondly he wants to meet his mother. However, his father does not want to do it and is always trying to introduce Valentin his new girlfriends. One day, Leticia appears and Valentin sticks to her a lot. She really helps Valentin and make him feel more supported. Also, a new character is introduced. His name is Rulfo, a pianist. Valentine treats them as if they were his real parents, and starts to behave in a different way.
Finally, I believe this film is an example of love. It also shows the importance of dreaming and having illusions that make our life better.

Student name:
María Aiello Lacal.Class:
5to Humanístico.

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  1. Well done! I liked the way you told the story.