Friday, May 29, 2009

007 Casino Royale

Film: 007 Casino Royale
Genre: Action and Adventure
Martin Campbell
Actors: Daniel Craig , Eva Green , Mads Mikkelsen , Judi Dench and Jeffrey Wright


007 Never ends

Actor Daniel Craig assumes the role formerly occupied by such screen greats as Sean Connery, Roger Moore, and Timothy Dalton. In my opinion, this actor is the best James Bond of all the films. You can see great movements and attitudes which make it an agent in person, mainly stands out for being too masculine, and elegant. James Bond has earned his "00" status by the execution of master shots that ended with the death of many terrorist.

Casino Royale takes us to the beginning of the career of James Bond. His first mission as the official "007" leads him to Le Chiffre (Mads Mikkelsen), banker to the terrorists of the world. In order to stop and break down his terrorist network, Bond must beat Le Chiffre in a poker game with incredibly high stakes in the Casino Royale. Bond was annoyed at first when assigned the beautifull fair's official Secretary of the Treasury, Vesper Lynd, that she delivers the stakes for the game and watch the money from the government. However, when Bond and Vesper survive a series of lethal attacks by Le Chiffre and his murderers, a mutual attraction develops that leads to an even greater danger and events that will mark Bond's life forever.

It is clear that the movie is for anyone realizes, holds condiments that make a fantastic and complete movie, cars, fighting, shooting, action, suspense and millions of things that you can find in it.
For this reasons, I strongly recommend this movie, especially teenagers´ area who want to see a lot of action in two hours.

Student name: Pedro Varela
Class: 5th Humanistico

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  1. I completely agree with you that he is the best James Bond ever! Good review!