Monday, May 25, 2009

Prison Break

Book/ Film: Prison break
Genre: drama/action
Author/ Director: Paul scheuring
Characters/ Actors: Wentworth Miller, Dominic Purcell, Robert Knepper, Sarah Wayne Callies

The succesfull serie "prison break", is about the life of Lincoln Burrows, a man with a very hard life. Since he was a kid, he had to take care about his little brother called Michael Scofield, because their father left them behind and their mother was supposed death. Lincoln, as an adult was condemn to die, in the state prison of chicago called Fox River, because of the assassination of Terence Stedman who was the vice-president´s brother. The fact is that he is innocent. So, Michael leaves his succesfull life as an engineer and thinks an incredible plan to take his brother out from prison before his execution. He commited a bank robbery and was condemn to prison. He managed to be sent to fox river´s prison. There he starts his incredible mission to escape from prison with his brother and find the way to prove his innocense. Fighting against the conspiration called "the company" who was the responsable of that, but it will do anything to kill the brothers.

Theodore Bagwell (T-Bag) is my favorite character of this serie. He is a villane, one of the "bad guys" in the prison but with a special personality. He meets the brothers in prison. They don´t like him but when he realizes about the plan of escape, he forces the brothers to take him as part of it, He surprises you each chapter with his strange and twisted personality.

Prison break is my favorite serie because since the beginning of it you can´t stop watching it and wondering yourself how it will go on. I recomend it for all people who want a very original and addictive story.

Student name: Enzo Buonassisa
Class: 5º H

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  1. I have never seen this series but feel like watching it now! Good review!