Sunday, May 24, 2009

Evil Dead 2

Book/ Film: Evil Dead 2
Genre: Horror, Comedy
Author/ Director: Sam Raimi
Characters/ Actors: Bruce Campbell


A sequel or, for some people, remake of the film The Evil Dead. A young man named Ash takes his girlfriend Linda to a cabin in the middle of a dark and mysterious forest, finds a professor’s tape, and plays it back. It was about a traduction of the “Book of the Dead”.
The spell calls up an evil force from the woods which turns Linda into a monstrous Deadite (wich were the name that the film puts to the monsters), and tries to do the same to Ash. When the professor's daughter show up at the cabin, the night turns into a non-stop, grotesquely comic battle with chainsaw and shotgun on one side, demon horde and flying eyeball on the other.
The movie has nice visual effects and still keeps your eyes focused on the screen, despite of being a little bit old. Is considered for all the non-under sixteen years old public.

Student name: Ignacio Igarreta
Class: 5 H

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  1. Looks like there's a lot of blood in this one!!!
    Not my kind of movie...but good review!