Friday, May 29, 2009

Dr House

Book/ Film: "Doctor House".
Genre: Soap opera.
Author/ Director: David Shore
Characters/ Actors:
Hugh Laurie.


I want to tell you about my favourite soap opera I watch every Thursday at nine o’clock in the evening. I’m going to talk about Doctor House.
This soap opera is about a doctor called Gregory House who works in a big hospital at the university of Princeton as a proffesor.
Despite House is very grumpy, lonely and some times acts like a bad person, there is something than I can not explain what makes us love him.
The director of the hospital knows how the pacients are trated by House but she can’t fire him because he saves lots of pacients who noone else can save. So the argues between the director and House are regulary and very funnies. The other ones with the pacients are quite funny too.
I love this soap opera and I can spend lots of hous watching it because each chapter has differents stories if interesting medical cases and they are very entreteining too.

Student name: CAmila Bini
Class: 5to H!

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  1. I don't see it regularly but I really enjoyed it when I saw it a few times. Well done!