Monday, May 11, 2009

The OC

TV serie: "The OC"

Genre: Comedy, drama and romance

Creator: Josh Schwartz

Characters: Peter Gallagher, Kelly Rowan, Ben McKenzie, Adam Brody, Rachel Bilson, Melinda Clarke, Mischa Barton and Tate Donovan

The O.C. Orange County, It's where all the beautiful people live

I have to tell you about my favorite TV serie , Te OC, which is based on the life of richest families living in Southern California, Newport Beach, Orange County.
The story begins when Ryan Atwood, a problematic child with an unstructed family who live in “Chino” (a slum to few miles from Newport Beach), is involved in the theft of a car with his brother. After being abandoned by his family, is recognized for his public defender (lawyer), Sandy Cohen, who invited him to lives with his family in Newport. Ryan comes to Newport and tries to adapt in the new world. Sandy´s wife is Kirsten, the daughter of a multimillionaire and director of a major real estate company, and his son Seth, a teenager who doesn´t fit with the youth of Newport. Ryan quickly integrate into the family and be another son for them, also the best friend of Seth. Atwood begins to interact with Marissa Cooper, her neighbor, with whom he establishes a romantic relationship.
Soon, Ryan begins to discover the real world of Newport Beach, wealth and ostentation. In O.C. it is discusses several topics, showing, while criticizing, the high society of the U.S. West Coast.
Another important thing, is the relationship between Seth and Rachel. In my opinion, they are the best of the serie, because both always make me laugh and their love is uncommon but nice at the same time. The OC has all the condiments to be one of the best. Moments of sadness, tension, excitement and action. I strongly recommended for teenangers, because it shows their life and their reality, drugs, sex, love and fights.

Student name: Pedro Varela

Class: 5th "H"

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  1. It sounds like a modern Beverly Hill 90210!
    Good work!