Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Big Fish

Book/Film: Big Fish
Genre: Comedy/Drama
Author/Director: Tim Burton
Characters/Actors: Ewan McGregor, Albert Finney, Danny DeVito, Helena Bonham-Carter, Jessica Lange


Edward Bloom was a man who used to narrate moments of his life adding them some fantastic characteristics. When he did it in his son's wedding, his son Will stops talking to him for years. Will lived in Paris, but a couple of years later, when his father got sick, he come back with his pregnant wife Josephine to visit him.
During the movie, Edward tell some stories specially to his daughter-in-law, who didn't know them until that moment. For example, Edward describes perfectly how he felt when he saw Sandra Templeton, his actual wife, for the first time. And how he tried to find her, crossing a lot of obstacles.
The movie is full of mystic and strange creatures, like werewolves, giants, siamese sisters and witches with glass eyes. It also show places that doesn't exist, like a small town in the middle of nowhere, very difficult to find, and with extremely nice people living in. And, of course, there is a circus which has the most incredible group of 'freaks' and acrobatic animals.
I love this movie because is different than the others. It's not the classic Hollywood movie, it's unique but still fun. I specially like Tim Burton's movies, he's very creative.

Student name: Sofía Santos
Class: 5h

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