Thursday, May 21, 2009


Film: Live !
Genre: Drama
Bill Guttentag


the film begins when katy (Eva Mendes) a televisión ejecutive developes the most watched reality show tv of all time.
The reality show live! where contestants play russian roulette with a loaded gun with just one bullet.
In the meanwhile katy resolves the obstacles with federal comunications comision and advertirsers of the show.At the same time Rex (David Krumhaltz) makes a documentary with the life of each contestants which includes a young writer (Rob Brown), an extreme sport star (Eric Lively),a man trying of save the family farm, an aspiring actress (Katie Cassidy),an supermodel converted in performance artist (Monet Mazur) and a young inmigrant determined to help her mother (Jay Hernandez).
The reality is made and it is a success but later when one of the contestan dies playing russian roulette,Katy feels very sorry about it but when she leaves the studio someone kills her.

Student name: Lourdes Sabrina Rodríguez
5º Humanístico

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  1. Good review, but you gave away the ending!!!
    I'm not sure I want to see it though, too cruel!