Sunday, May 24, 2009

17 Again

Book/ Film: 17 Again
Genre: Comedy
Author/ Director: Burr Steers
Characters/ Actors: Zac Efron y Matthew Perry


This flim is about a man called Mike O´ Donell who graduated in 1989 being a basketball star player. Suddenly he decided to leave all this in order to share his life with his girlfriend Scarlett and the baby they were expecting.

After 20 years he realised that his life hasn´t been as he thought it could be. He has divorced from Scarlett and now he´s living in the house of his best friend Ned Freedman.

Besides, his job in a drugstore company was boring him and he was having a bad relation with his two adolescents children.

One storny night as Mike was driving along to his friend´s house, he saw the man who has been charge of the cleanness of his school; He was high on the fence of a bridge watching the river.

Mike stopped his car with the intention to stop the man of throwing himself to the river, but when he arrived the man had dissapeared and Mike slipped and fell into the river.

The next morning when he arrived to Ed´s house, he realised when he looked himself in the mirrow that he was again as a boy of seventeen.

Mike thought that perhaps this was the opportunity to rebuild his life. Then he returns to school saying that he is the illegal son of his friend Ed.

Now Mike´s children are his mates and this is the opportunity for him to be in touch with his children and in this way he could give them his fatherly confidence that they have never had.

In this way, Mike can discover how his children really are, because he didn´t know him as much as he thought.

Mike also tries to be in touch with his wife Scarlett in order to recover his marriage.

At the end of the film Mike realised that his life was his wife and his children and he would give anything to be 35 again and repair his mistakes.

Finally and magically Mike has again 35 and his life recovers.

Student name: María del Rosario
Class: 5º H

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  1. I really want to see this one! I love Mathew Perry and Zac Efron too! Good review!