Sunday, May 31, 2009

Monsters Inc


Book/ Film: Monster Inc.
Genre: Animation/ Childrens
Author/ Director: Peter Docter. Disney & Pixar
Characters/ Actors: Mike, Sully and Boo


Mike and Sully, two funny and adorables monsters, are job partners and best friends. They live in a monster´s city and work at Monster Inc., a big company that captures the screams of little children and turns them into energy. To make the children scream, the monsters must enter each child's bedroom through the closet door, then deliver a frightening affront. But the great problem is that kids aren't scared anymore. And because of this problem, Monsters, Inc. is in a crisis.Later, a little girl called Boo accidentally enter into the factory in the monster’s world when it´s considered like a contamination. Later Sully and Boo became friends and he helps her to back home.In my opinion, it is a very funny movie for childrens and adults, the animation is incredible! I really liked and recommend his movie. It´s fantastic!!!

Student name: Victoria Alonso
Class: 5º H

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  1. I love this film! I swaw it at the cinema with my children when it came out!