Thursday, May 21, 2009

New Moon

Book: New moon
(New moon is second book of twilight saga)
Genre: young adult,Romance novel
Author: Stephenie Meyer


When Bella Swan was eighteen, Alice (sister of Edward) and Edward Cullen, the vampire that she loves decide to make a birthday party on mansion Cullen but she does not like it because she is one year older than him, but in the party ocurred there is an accident Bella cuts her finger with a present and Jasper Hale smells the blood and attacks her but Edward deffends her.
Edward decide to end the relationship with her but makes Bella promise that she wouldn't do anything stupid or dangerous.Edward and his family leave Forks.
Bella gets depressed for months.Bella find relief with Jacob Black (werewolf), they develop a friendship.They do many different dangerous things on a motorbike and that helps her to remember Edward more clearly.While Jacob protecs her from other vampires bad.Bella breaks her promise and does something stupid she jumps from the bridge and falls into the water,but Edward thinks that she has died because he can't comunicate telepathically with her,Edward travels to Italy to a place called Volterra to provoke the Volturi so they will kill him.Alice finds Bella and says that Edward wants to die.Alice and Bella travel to Volterra to save Edward they arrive just in time. Edward ,Alice and Bella return to Forks and Edward tells her the truth about why had left her alone. Bella understands, but she wants to become a vampire, but Edward tells her that he can turn into vampire after they marry.

This novel will be adapted into a film in november.

Student name: Lourdes Sabrina Rodríguez
Class: 5º Humanístico

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  1. I liked they way you wrote this one! Remember not to give away the endings!