Thursday, June 09, 2011

Resident Evil Afterlife

Book/ Film: Resident Evil Afterlife

Genre: Thriller / Action

Author/ Director: Paul Anderson

Characters/ Actors: Milla Jovovich, Ali Larter, Went Wartmiller, Shawn Roberts


The film is the fourth delivery of the saga of video games gone on to the cinema. After the infection of the virus T the world remained desert and Alice found dwells survivors and refuge to survive. Then it liberated Claire Redfield who was under the influence of to device installed by the corporation umbrella. Meetings find to group of persons who try to survive and come to arcadia, the refuge about which one was speaking for the radio. They meet Chris Redfield, Claire's brother and together they can come to Arcadia but it was Umbrella's trap. There they fougth against wesker in a spectacular battle.

The costume design is very important in the film because it makes the actors look more authentic and exciting. In the fight between Alice and Claire against the hangman, the clothes of them are frivolous, which allows them to be fast and agile to move. Whereas his clothes are a very resistant armor and a big axe that does it more slowly but very strong.

The especial effects are fantastic. The scenes of the fights, shots, and when Alice jumps of a building with the zombies chasing her, they are going to feel impressed.

This movie offers a lot of action, in a possible horrible end for the human race. To try to survive this situation and to face the zombies generates emotion and something of terror.
I recommend this movie specially to boys, since these stocks in to video game.

Student name: Martin Macagno

Class: 5to C

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