Friday, June 10, 2011

Home Alone

Book/ Film: Home Alone

 Genre: Comedy

 Author/ Director: Chris Columbus

Characters/ Actors: Macaulay Culkin, Joe Pesci, Daniel Stern, John Heard, Catherine O'Hara, Roberts Blossom

Home Alone

It doesn’t matter if you stay alone in home, with brave and security you can break the order. That’s the message that “Home Alone” teach us, starring Macaulay Caulkin as Kevin Mcalister and Joe Pessi and Daniel Stern as the thief’s. The 1990 film was written by Chris Columbus. In the colds suburbs of U.S Kevin must affront a series of conflicts that put his life in risk. Was a film very well received for the public, with simple effects and a lot of laughs, is a film to watch over and over.

Discussions make Kevin to be in his own room being arrogant, this makes him fell asleep and unfortunately stay home alone. Living his own life and making whatever he wants, but nothing is easy and peaceful, knowing that Kevin is alone a couple of thief’s wants to empty the house, putting a series of traps making his life impossible

The director creates the effect of simplicity and exiting, showing the innocence of Kevin, not too many effects, just a great work by the producer using simple objects to make fun until we cry. The cast was a right reason to watch it. The innocence of Caulkin shows the other face of the film

The place was the perfect scene to film, during winter all people stay at home, that’s what the thief’s take advantage of, and the all series of traps are genially, since Christmas accessories to paint cans will beat the power of robbery. The costumes are no too much, just every day clothes, and some other Christmas things.

Home alone is a excuse too stay for hours laughing, it’s a great film that with the years wins more prestige and recognition, and shows us that in complicated situations, having a little patience we can fix the problems, no matter sex or age

Student name: Francisco Sica
 Class: 5to C

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  1. It sounds as though you enjoyed this movie, Francisco. So did I when I was a kid! It's one of those movies that appeals to all ages and cultural backgrounds, I think. Bravery is definitely a lesson that could be gained from watching Macauly's antics.

    Good job!