Friday, June 10, 2011

The Little Fockers

Film:the little fockers

Genre: comedy

Author/ Director: paul weitz


the fockers comedy saga is back again with the new film "the little fockers". with three new characters. the story a little more heart. the director paul weitz said that the have a lot to expect
the little fockers starts with greg focker ( ben stiller) and housewife pam with the twins sam and henry in her arms in a chicago suburb.
they are about to move into a new house,. in the film there also appears jesica alba, robert de niro

their battle of wills to ridiculous new highs  As Greg and his wife Pam prepare for their young twins' upcoming birthday, Jack is nursing a heart condition that's got him mulling who should become the family's patriarch should he die. For reasons that I won't bother to spoil, Jack selects Greg who, of course, must endure a new set of tests and expectations. Greg, though, stands to ruin it all when he begins working with an exuberant and unbelievably hot drug company sales rep named Andi Garcia played by. Andi is totally into Greg, which only make his mission to win over Jack that much more difficult.

Student name:Fernando Romano

Class: 5to h

the little fockers

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