Friday, June 10, 2011

The Pursuit of Happyness

The pursuit of happiness

Film: The pursuit of happiness
Genre: Drama
Director: Gabriele Muccino
Actors: Will Smith, Jaden Smith
and Thandie Newton
Student name: Jazmín Victoria
Class: 5to Contable.

“The pursuit of Happiness” is a Gabriele Muccino’s dramatic film, set n the USA in the 2006. Will smith plays the part of Christopher Gardner, a man who has to fight with the life to get ahead, after being left by his wife Linda Gardner, played by Thandie Newton and a little child to take care called Christopher Gardner Jr. played by Jaden Smith, who is Will’s son in the real life.
Chris Gardner lives in San Francisco with his wife and his son, but the conflict starts when he invest on medical devices which cause many problems in his economy and in the relationship with his wife, who leaves him with Christopher Jr. Without a steady job, money and wife, the real conflict starts. He can’t afford a department or a room to live, and when he finally finds a promising job, he has to do training for six month. He must fight hard to give a better life to his son and to himself.
The aspect which has more influence in this film is the acting. Will Smith managed to express all the feelings of Christopher though him, for example when he left ashamed for have to take his little son to the bathroom of a station to sleep. And Jaden Smith, in spite of acting like a little boy who doesn’t understand some of his life, he show us the innocence than only a child can show.
We mustn’t consider the brilliant performance of Will only; if not that we must take into account the plot of the film, which is based on the self-improvement, values ​​and dreams to achieve. It is a very positive concept for people.
In my opinion, this film is excellent, because it’s very moving and very realistic. Despite the fact that in this type of film there isn't any great special effects, or something extraordinary, it could captivate us through the performances of the Smith against the hard life they have to live.


  1. Dear Jazmin,
    This is a great review. My favourite aspect of the film was the relationship between Will and Jaden - they obviously get on well in real life. I should watch it again!

  2. This is a wonderful movie. I absolutely agree in your opinion of the movie, it is a beautiful, moving story.
    Will Smith actually skyped with some of our students last year and he is a very passionate person, so he was the perfect actor for the role.

    Keep up the great reviews. Very insightful.

    Miss Gleeson, Auckland, NZ

  3. That's a great review, one thing that I liked about the movie is that its been watched all over the world and that it has a message for everyone where ever they are.

  4. I loved the film, and I must say this is more than just a review. You really tried to depict the emotions characters had to face with, Good job!