Friday, June 10, 2011

Monsters Inc

Film: Monsters Inc.

Genre: Animation

Director: Pete Docter

Characters: Animation Characters

Main voices: Billy Crystal as Michael Wazouski and John Goodman as James Sullivan

Monsters, Inc. is an animated film produced by Pixar and premiered in cinemas by Walt Disney Pictures and Buena Vista International on November 2, 2001.

The film takes place in a city of monsters in which the most important rule is that the monsters have no contact with humans in their job. The monsters work in a factory of "scares", called Monster Inc., of which they get energy for their city scaring children while they are sleeping.

James Sullivan and Michael Wazouski are the main characters; they are best friends and very funny monsters. They have a very special connection between them so they spend much of their lives together but there will be something that it’ll change their lives forever. Both get in a serious problem with Boo, a small human girl who came into the monster’s world by mistake. Sullivan and Wazouski will have to take care of the girl, hiding her from the company and then return her quickly to the human’s world.

I particularly recommend it to spend time together with the whole family, kids will have fun with the adventures of these friendly monsters and adults will join them and enjoy the movie. It has a good mixture of feelings like nostalgia, happiness, worry. You will never know what is going to happen. It will always keep an atmosphere of surprise until the end.

Class:5 H

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  1. Wonderful description!
    I agree - it is one of those clever movies that are interesting for both adults and children. Just right for a family!