Monday, June 06, 2011

Dead Poets' Society

Book/film: Dead Poets' society

Genre: Drama

Author/ Director: Peter Weir

Characters/ Actors: Robin Williams, Robert Sean Leonard, Ethan Hawke

Dead Poets Society is a brilliant movie made by Peter Weir in 1989. It was filmed in Vermont so breathtaking scenaries can be easily valued. This drama movie has performances by Robin Williams, Robert Sean Leonard an Ethan Hawke.

The movie is based on the life of a group of students living in a boarding school. When a new Literature teacher, Mr Keating arrives, their way of seeing the world changes and they start living looking from a brand new point of view. Mr Keating introduces them a latin phrase, "Carpe Diem" which means "seize the day". These students start to meet in a cave to share Literature and poetry so their friendship increases and they start to mature.

Since the movie has a superb casting, the acting ir exceptional and it's very easy to get completely involved with the story and to feel part of it. Robin Williams demostrates one more time to be a great professional.

The background music plays an important role in this movie as it crates the needed atmosphere. Bagpipes music can be valued during the whole movie which transports us to the right time and place.

I absolutely recommend this movie as it leaves an important message, to live every day as it is the last. It really touched me when I saw it so I believe many people would feel the same when they watch it.

Student name: Sofía Urciuolo
Class: 5th C

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  1. Dear Sofia,
    I love this film - it makes me laugh and cry every time I watch it. The first part of it I saw was the scene where the teacher introduces Carpe Dium to his students - one of our teachers showed it to us in a school assembly, and ever since then I have tried to live my life like that.
    A really interesting review.