Tuesday, June 07, 2011

The Number 23

Book/ Film: Number 23
Genre: Thriller

Author/ Director: Joel Schumacher

Characters/ Actors: Jim Carrey Virginia Madsen Logan Lerman

Number 23 (2007) is a film, which was directed by Joel Schumacher. The stars of the film are Jim Carrey as Walter Sparrow, Virginia Madsen as Agatha Sparrow and Logan Lerman as Robin Sparrow. It is a thriller.
On the birthday of Walter Sparrow, his wife, Agatha Sparrow, gave him a book about a story related with the number 23, like a present. While he was reading the book, he started to see the number 23 everywhere, and he started to get exasperated. And he started to look for the reason of it.
One of the characteristics of a thriller is generating intrigue. And this film´s story generates a lot of intrigue, and the surprising acting of Jim Carrey helps to get it. Jim Carrey’s acting is surprising because it was the first time he acted in a thriller. In spite of this, his acting was great and believable.
The music, which was written by Harry Gregson – Williams, helps to get intrigue too. He put the correct music and silence in each moment. So it did not break the intrigue’s atmosphere.
The story is very well done, because it has all the necessary elements for a great thriller, for example the music, effects and the stars did an excellent acting. So it is a good film to see with your friends.

Student name: Lucila Mazzoccone
Class: 5to C

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