Friday, June 03, 2011

The notebook

Film: The notebook
Genre: Romantic
Director: Nick Cassavetes
Characters/ Actors:

• Ryan Gosling as Young Noah Calhoun
• Rachel McAdams as Young Allie Hamilton
• James Garner as Older Noah Calhoun
• Gena Rowlands as Older Allie Calhoun

The film opens with an older man reading out of a notebook to another woman who is sick, a story between two young lovers; The story dates back to the summer of 1940 in Seabrook, South Carolina.

Noah (Ryan Gosling) is a local boy who works at the lumber mill and Allie Hamilton (Rachel McAdams) is a girl about seventeen years old, from a wealthy family spending the summer in Seabrook. At a carnival, Allie meets Noah Calhoun, first she doesn’t look him but later she falls in love. Her family doesn’t agree with the relationship between Allie and Noah, they think that she would be with a rich man. Over the summer, Noah and Allie fall passionately in love and spend every moment together.

But then they break up, but immediately regret the decision. Allie's family leaves Seabrook the next day and Noah, devastated, writes her one letter every day for a year, which Allie's mother hides. After Allie doesn't reply to him, Noah moves to Atlanta. When Pearl Harbor is attacked, he enlists in the army for World War II while Allie attends college.

I think that it is a beautiful and emotional romantic movie . This movie felt involved in the situations and the lives of the character- crying at the sad moments and feeling cheerful. In general, love stories are predictable but this movie kept me guessing at the outcome, and delivered twists throughout the whole film. The Notebook was extremely well constructed. All the costume designe and the stage are fantastic. The actors are so great, i have watched a lot of movies where they worked and they are amazing.

Student name: Diaz Balmaceda, Camila.
Class: 5º Humanistico

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