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Genre: Drama film

Author/ Director: Sean Justin Penn

Characters/ Actors: Emile Hirsch, William Hurt, Marcia Gay Harden and Catherine Ann Keener
Review: Into the Wild (also known as “camino salvaje”) is an American film written and directed by Sean Penn launched in 2007. The character is played by Emile Hirsch(Christopher McCandless), and William Hurt, (Oscar winner for best actor), Marcia Gay Harden, nominated for an Oscar for best supporting actress and Catherine Keener.
This movie was filmed in the U.S.A. and north of Mexico(desert, beach,…)

The plot of this movie, Christopher decides to leave his home and sell his things (car...) and travel around the United States; with no money. The objective of Christopher is arriving to Alaska.
The film unfolds with flashbacks, in which they are interspersed with part of his journey to his past, and thus learn more about the history of Christopher.
Emile work was exceptional and intense. The director filmed a very entertaining film.

In my opinion the special-effects are disappointing, but the soundtrack was the best because was wake for Eddie Vedder (the lead singer, composer and leader of the American grunge group Pearl Jam).

In many cases I see a Christopher running in different parts of United States, these part was very exciting, or the part could not get food in Alaska and was about to go home and could not cross the river.

A film is infused with an expansive, almost giddy sense of possibility, and transmits a pure pleasure and natural open spaces, fresh air and bright sunlight; although, in the solitude of the boy, sometimes I gave the impression that he was not alone. Knew they were behind the cameras recorded.

Actually, I think it should have been nominated for best film.

Student name: Alex P.

Class:5º Hum

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