Friday, June 03, 2011

Freaky Friday

Film: Freaky Friday

Genre: Comedy, fantasy and family.

Director: Mark Waters

Actors: Lindsay Lohan and Jamie Lee Curtis

Review: “Freaky Friday” is a comedy, fantasy and family film which is starred by Lindsay Lohan and Jamie Lee Curtis. It was filmed in the USA in 2003 and the film was directed by Mark Waters who directed other famous films like “Mean Girls”.

“Freaky Friday” tells a story about the bad relationship between a mother, Tess Coleman, and her daughter, Anna Coleman. They argue very often because Tess and Anna think differently about life things such as the way of dressing, boys, music, etc. Anna’s father is dead and her mother is marrying another man in two days. That night, the family goes to a restaurant to have dinner but Anna and Tess have an argument because Mrs. Coleman doesn’t want Anna to play in a concert the night before her marriage. The waitress gives them a biscuit, Tess and Anna eat it and the next morning a strange magic swap their bodies.

The acting of Lohan and Curtis is wonderful because there are not special effects in the film and you really think they have their bodies swapped. For example, when they wake up in the morning and realized that they are caught in another body; in the scene where Tess has to play the guitar in Anna’s body and she doesn’t know how to do it; or when Anna has to work as a phycologist as her mother does everyday and she always uses the phrase: “How do you feel with it?”.

The costume design in Freaky Friday is very important because it emphasizes Anna and Tess’ characters. It shows Anna’s rebelliousness when she wears crazy t-shirts in her mother’s body and the old fashion clothes which Tess wears in her daughter’s body.

I think it is a very good film because it shows an every day life situation mixed with some science fiction to express what a mother and a daughter feel about each other. It is a film which is worth watching because it is very entertaining and, at the end, it has a moral. It is recommendable for people of all ages.

Student name: Cynthia García

Class: 5º Humanístico.

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