Friday, June 10, 2011

City of God

Book/ Film: City of God
Genre: Drama

Author/ Director: Fernando Meirelles

Characters/ Actors: Alexandre Rodrigues, Douglas Silva


The City of God is a Fernando Meirelles’s film. This movie is from 2002. Their main actors are Alexandre Rodrigues known as “Cohete” and Douglas Silva as “Ze Pequeño.” This film was shot in a “favela” of Rio de Janeiro” between 2001 and 2002. It is a drama film.

This film shows the different problems of poor people living in a favela. It’s star talking about how poor people have to moved to a favela of Rio de Janeiro because they haven’t enough money to pay a rent in the city. It also talks about the increase in organized crime, drugs and violence. At the beginning of the movie they show us who will be the main characters, a boy called “Cohete” who wants to be a cameraman and another boy called “Ze Pequeño” who wants to be a gangster and a drug dealer.

The scenery of City of God is amazing, most of time of the film passes in the favela but sometimes are shown parts of the beautiful city of Rio de Janeiro which is awesome, its beaches are nice with white sand and the blue water of the sea.

Respect the acting and the actor there is nothing to say, they are marvelous, most of the actors were from the favela in which the film was recorded, because the director had to talk with the boss of the favela which allowed them to shoot the film with the only condition that they will put people from the favela in the movie, which also helps to give more credibility to the story.

In my Opinion City of God is an excellent movie and I recommend to see it, the actors behaved like really professionals, the scenery is really amazing, also the film was bases on a real story. This movie also show you how poor people live, and the tings they have to support, the difficulties that they have and so. The phrase that identified the movie was “Fight and never survive ... Run and never escape”.

I really enjoyed watching this movie and if possible I will watch it again.

Student name: Santiago Sanchez

Class: 5 Hum

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