Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Reader

Film: "The Reader"
Genre: Drama, Romance
Director: Stephen Daldry
Actors: David Kross, Kate Winslet and Ralph Finnes


“The Reader” starts when teenager Michael Berg becomes ill and is helped by Hanna Schmitz, a stranger who twice his age. When Michael recovers from the illness he decided to go to Hanna’s apartment to thanks her. The two quickly fall into a passionate and secretive affair which is a short step from pedophilia. Apart from the sex they create a reader-listener relationship when Michael discovers that Hanna loves being read to (origin of the movie’s name) and Hanna is surprised as how Michael reads to her. Despite their intense relationship, Hanna mysteriously disappears one day and Michael is left confused and heartbroken.
Eight years later, while Michael is a law student, he is astonished to find Hanna back in his life but this time as a defendant in the courtroom. As Hanna's past is revealed, Michael uncovers a deep secret that will save her from being unfairly accused.

As we are accustomed, the performance of Kate Winslet is exactly what the film needs.
What is really remarkable is David Kross acting. He incredibly impressed me with his catching personality and his ability to register multiple emotions and thoughts which are complicated, especially during the trial scenes. He is, without a doubt my favorite character.

In my view “The reader” is a haunting story about truth and reconciliation, which offer a different love story as the ones that we are accustomed to watch.

Student name: Florencia Castiglioni
Class: 5th Humanistico

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  1. I haven't seen it yet but this film is definitely in my wish list! Great review. Congratulations!