Wednesday, June 03, 2009

This is England

Book/ Film: This is england
Genre: Drama
Author/ Director: Shane Meadows
Characters/ Actors: Jo Hartley, Jo Hartley, Joe Gilgun, Stephen Graham, Thomas Turgoose


Shaun is a 12-year-old child beaten everywhere by his marginality,his not good-looking and his poor way of dressing in some years, the 80s, where the aspect was everything. His father has died in the Malvinas war and that absence makes him a weak and frustrated person for the others. On having coincided with a group of skinheads led by Wood, between sides and jokes, he is adopted as a new member of the gang.
The return of Combo after being in jail, divides the band because he adheres to radical political ideas which not all shared; this influences Shaun forcing him to leave the only group of friends where he has found a little bit of affection and respect.

Student name: Fabricio Rodriguez
Class: 5to H


  1. Hi Fabricio,

    I've seen this film too, and I really like it. Your review didn't tell us your feelings about the movie - did you enjoy it?

    Personally, I grew up in England during the 1980's, and the film reminded me of so many things I'd forgotten about that time. The fashion, the music, and most of all the sense of aimlessness and political uncertainty which people seemed to feel. The film really captured that feeling.

    If you liked this film, I recommend Shane Meadows' other films. Try watching "Once Upon A Time in the West Midlands" - it's also very good, and funnier than "This Is England".


  2. Hi Fabrizio,
    I haven't seen this movie yet but would like to now that I've read about it here. It sounds a bit sad - it must be hard if you have no one in your life.
    Warm regards from Slovenia,

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  4. TO PETER:

    I liked the movie very much because as you said, it reflects very good the 80's style in England,also it shows the beginning of the difereces between the true skins and the SS skinsheads or of ultra-radical tendence.
    Also the story of Shaun was very interesting and makes you think of the problems that a boy of his age could live in that time.
    Thank you for your reccomendations, I will try to get them.


    PD: Hope you can forgive my language, I am argentinian

  5. Fabri,
    Your English is fine because you are really communicating with people! Congratulations!

  6. The review is very good, but don't forget to express your opinions about the films. I haven't seen it but definitely want to after reading your review.