Thursday, June 04, 2009

Marley & Me

Film: Marley & Me
Genre: Comedy

Director: David Frankel

Actors: Wilson Owen and Aniston Jennifer

John and Jennifer are young reporters who decided to marry and move to Miami. The natural wish of Jenny of having children provoques a great panic in John. In order to neutralize the necessity of giving love John decides to present her a dog. A beautiful puppy. The puppy began to grow.
John and Jenny weren`t able to maintain their authority when the can started to make disasters. Different and several incident occur and they finish adopting themselves to the behavious of the dog. The arriving of the children complicates their lives, but al the same time their professional life begins to estabilize John becomes in the reported of a newspaper where its well read column has as the principal character Marley, the dog.

Student name: Constanza Bidegain

Class: 5º Humanístico


  1. Dear Costanza,
    thanks for sharing your review with the world. I haven't heard of this film before. I guess it must be quite funny. I like Jennifer Aniston and kids and dogs. I have two boys aged 4 and 6 but no dogs yet. ;-)
    Warm regards from Slovenia,

  2. Good work! Remember to express your opinions about the films too.