Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Aladdin !

Book/ Film: Aladdin
Genre: Animation
Author/ Director:John Musker y Ron Clements
Characters/ Actors: Aladin. Abu. Genio. Jasmine. Sultan. Jafar

Aladdin is a young and poor boy who with his inseparable mono Abú dedicates to steal and cheat on people in the city of Agrabah to survive and have the dream of someday being an important person. Aladdin is often chased by all the guards of the castle and the security officers so that they can imprisioner him, but they never can.
In spite of Aladdin’s defects, he is a really good boy. He always tries to help poor and needy people. In the movie, Aladdin falls in love of the princess Jasmine, a lovely girl who is Sultan’s daughter. When he meets her, they don’t now who they really are, but they realised they have one thing in common: The feeling of being prisioners in their own lifes.

Later, he finds out that she is the princess of Agrabah when Aladdin is caught by the security guards, and Jasmine, using her royalty power, lets him go. After this inconvenient, Jasmine comes back to the castle and finds herself in the obligation to choose a prince who will be her husband. At the sime time, Aladdin is prisioner in Sultan’s castle, where an old man shows up and promises him to be the richiest man in the world if he gets out of that place and goes to the cave of the marvel. In this awesome place, there is a lamp which has inside the grand genious, who has the power of making real three wishes.
Aladdin, once he finds the lamp, decides to give to the genious one of the three wishes: The freedom of him. The other two are the change of Aladdin into a chaming prince so that he could win Jasmine’s heart, and the posibility of escaping from prision.
As a prince, Aladdin goes to the castle and there, Jasmine finally recognise him. But the problem starts when Jafar, who wants to marry her and takes all the money, finds out that Aladdin is going to take de power of his hands, and a big fight happens. Finally the genious ends up being free, and Jafar inside of the lamp forever and ever.

Finally, Aladdin and Jazmine get married, and live happily ever after in the castle. My opinion about the movie is that is one of the best that Disney has ever made. Is a beautiful and entretaining film, which has all that has to be included to make people interested in it. My fauvorite character is without any doubt Aladdin, who is the cutest prince and I would definitely love to have a boy like that, kind and brave.

Student name: Agustina D'Antona
Class: 5to Humanistico


  1. Can you believe I saw tis film in the cinema when it was released?
    And I loved it!
    Jasmine is my favourite Disney princess.

  2. Mine 2! And when I was small i wanted to marry Aladdin!