Saturday, June 06, 2009

A Cinderella Story

Book/ Film: A Cinderella Story
Genre: Comedy
Author/ Director: Mark Rosman
Characters/ Actors:Hilary Duff,Jennifer Coolidge,Chad Michael Murray,Dan Byrd,Regina King,Julie Gonzalo.


The New Cinderella, is a renewed version of the Cinderella story. In this story, Sam Montgomery, a student, lives with her stepmother, Fiona, and her two sisters, who treat it as her servant. Sam wants to enter Princeton University. One day he met her "Prince Charming" online, and your social life becomes more exciting and complicated. Because her prince, is the popular football player in his school, Agustín Ames. She awakens from her fantasy when she forgets her cell phone, just before the clock strikes twelve touch of midnight. And now, your mobile will be the key to making your dream a reality. Sam fears that Austin will reject it if he realizes that she is his girl online and therefore confused when he tries to discover who is trying his princess cybersecurity.

Student name: María del Rosario Toro Tesini
Class: 5ºH

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  1. This is a nice entertaining film! Remember to express your personal opinion of the film.