Friday, June 12, 2009


Book/ Film: BeetleJuice
Genre: Comedy
Author/ Director: Tim Burton
Characters/ Actors: Alec Baldwin; Geena Davis; Michael Keaton


This is the story of Adam and Barbara who live in a beautiful house. One day, while driving to home, they are involved in a terrible auto accident. They walk to home only to discover that they have died and now haunt their house. When their house is purchased by an out of state family, they feel their home is invaded by an artists wife and her proprietary-selling husband. Their attempts to scaring the family out of the house, but they are ignored. Finally they fall to the temptation to use the people-exorcizer Beetle Juice. When they find his tactics too dangerous, they attempt to contain him and save the family they were trying to boot.
The movie have wonderful visual effects and a light-black humor comedy can see it all people not-under 13 ages.

Student name: Ignacio Igarreta
Class: 5º H

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  1. Very funny film! I love Michael Keaton's sense of humour!
    No wonder... it's a Tim Burton film!