Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Brigada Explosiva

Genre: comedia
Author/ Director: Rodolfo Ledo
Characters/ Actors: Gino Renni, Emilio Disi, Luciana Salazar, Jorge Rodrigo Barrios, Toti Ciliberto, Marcos Gómez

Review: Brigada Explosiva, is a movie whose productors tended to continue their habitual lines, it have a bad filmation stile and a worse direction. Basically, it’s a very bad cinematograph product.
But they have changed some things than “Bañeros”, their last movie before “Brigada Explosiva”, in this new movie they have put more serious characters and more likely to the teenager public.
This is a movie with a poor laboration because of the bad usefull of the elements, for example, in one of the scenes, the cameraman don’t have fine pulse, so they didn’t use a support for the camera.
The celphones that they use in this movie are made of plastic, that gives to the movie a very bad image of him.
But, in another way, the characters are more pleasant and make more funny scenes and nicer things.
Personally, I think that this movie was a money waste.

Student name: RAMON CRUZ
Class: 5to H


  1. Dear Ramon,
    I loved reading your review. The image you shared associated me of a similar style comedy which used to be quite popular years ago - I think the title was Police Academy or something like that. I think I liked it as a kid.
    Warm regards from Slovenia,

  2. I liked it that you focused on the criticism but don't forget to say something about the plot.