Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Book/ Film: Pocahontas
Genre: Animation/Drama
Author/ Director: Tom Ropelewski
Characters/ Actors: Pocahontas, John Smith.


This awesome movie tells the story of an indigenous called pocahontas, a young and beautiful girl who along the movie has to make a decision between listening to her heart or following the right thing to do.

One day, a group of british colonists shows up and tries to take control of the land and of the people living there. One of the most important member of this group previously mentioned is Captain Smith. A charming man who meet Pocahontas, and little by little they fall in love.

The main problem of the film, is that both Pocahontas and John Smith belong to a different culture that are in a constant fight for the possesion of the land, so they are not supposed to talk or to feel anything for each other .

As a result of the lack of answers, Pocahontas tries desperately to find a solution in her willow grandmother, an important character of the film who helps her to find the peace between the conquerors and the tribe. Another important support that she has is her friendly racoon Miko, who will be her companion all along the movie.

In my opinion, Pocahontas is one of my favorite character of Disney, although she is not the ordinary princess which is common to see. I think she leaves a clear moral: Love is stronger than all the obstacles. Besides, I strongly think that Pocahontas and Captain Smith are meant to be together, they are the most beautiful couple I have ever seen.

Student name: Paula Fernandez Ansoar
Class: 5 Humanistico

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  1. I liked the film, but it's not ny Disney favourite...
    Well written review... Congrats!