Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Freaky Friday

Book/ Film: Freaky Friday

Genre: Comedy

Author/ Director:
Mark Waters

Characters/ Actors:
Jamie Lee Curtis
Lindsay Lohan


Anna Coleman
(Lindsay Lohan) and her mother, Dra. Coleman (Jamie Lee Curtis) are two completely different persons.
However, Anna has a band where she plays the guitar , but his mother says that she only makes noise.
Dra. Coleman is going to marry whit her boyfriend, which Anna dislikes .
However, Dra Coleman and her daughter have one thing in common
They don’t relate to each other on anything.
Not clothes or men or Anna `s passion to be in a rock band, nothing.
Then one night a little mystic mayhem changes their lives and
They wake up to the biggest FREAK-OUT ever.
Dra. Coleman and Anna are trapped inside each other body!
But Dra. Coleman ‘ll married the next Saturday and Anna have an important audition with her band so they must Find a way to switch back.
I really like this film because is too funny and I love Lindsay Lohan.

Student name: Delfina Bartolome

Class: 5 Humanistico


  1. Hi Delfina,
    I really like this film also. My daughter, who is 16, owns the DVD so we have watched it together several times. It's really funny! I think both Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan are great in their roles.
    Have you seen Bend It Like Beckham? We love that one too.
    Nina in Maryland, USA

  2. I haven't seen this film but I'm sure it's funny as you say because Jamie Lee Curtis is a great comedian. Well done!