Friday, September 16, 2011

Meet Joe Black.

Book/ Film: 'Meet Joe Black'.

Genre: Drama/Romantic/Fantasy.

Author/ Director: Martin Brest.

Characters/ Actors: Bard Pitt, Anthony Hopkin, Claire Forlani.

‘Meet Joe Black’ is a film about the death, showing it as something good, and as a process of life. Is a deep movie and treats emotions and feelings from a really different point of view. It’s a delicated film, and the story is about Bill, and old man about to die, who owns a billionaire company, so the death itself takes the body of Joe, a lovely man, to have some vacations. So Joe appears mysteriously as a friend of Bill, who keeps quiet the secret. But in the meanwhile, Joe fell in love with Susan, Bill’s daughter, and vice versa. And that’s how a romantic and passionate story starts.

Brad Pitt (Joe), Anthony Hopkins (Bill) and Claire Forlani (Susan) are the main characters. They are high quality actors, and make the movie have an incredible touch of sensibility and finesse.

The story and the acting are the most original ever seen, that makes the movie amazing, and you can’t avoid crying because is very emotional and treats subjects like death, love, and passion. The most distinguished element of the movie is Brad Pitt acting, because he makes you believe he’s really a person who doesn’t know anything about life, and the way he looks other people, his faces and the way he talks are surprisingly natural and expressive.

I can’t stop watching ‘Meet Joe Black’ because it’s a great story, the actors and the music are amazing, and its sensibility and the feelings that make me feel are indescribable. The movie is gripping all the time and I recommend it for those who love strong emotions.

Student name: Agustin Hinojosa.

Class: 5° "C".

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