Friday, September 16, 2011

Crazy, Stupid, Love

Book/ Film: Crazy, Stupid, Love.  
Genre: Romantic comedy-drama

Author/ Director: Glenn Ficarra John Requa

Characters/ Actors: Steve Carell; Ryan Gosling; Julianne Moore; Emma Stone; Marisa Tomei; Kevin Bacon

File:CrazyStupidLovePoster.jpgHow small is the world, resumes this movie, “Crazy, stupid, love” show us how a series of events can make you find and stay with the person that you love, starring Steve carrel as Cal Weaver, a recent divorced man that wants to have a new life, and Ryan Gosling as Jacob Palmer, a man who haves all the tips to end up the night with beautiful woman’s. Filmed en 2010, but premiered in 2011, this story shows us that no matter what happens we must follow what we want, leaving aside all the problems that we have.

One normal day Cal’s wife Emily (Julianne Moore) says to him that haves another man in his life, after that, they get divorced, and the split their things, fall down Cal decides to start a new life, but with no too much excitement. One day he goes to a bar and a new life starts, meeting Ryan, who teach us every move to meet the lady’s. But not everything is flowers and roses, after pursuing a life of girls Ryan meets the girl of his life, that at the end results the daughter of Cal, causing a lot of troubles.

The directors try to focus us, in the principal message of the movie, that with simple effects its shows very clearly, just a great work by the producer using simple objects to make fun until we almost cry. The cast was a right reason to watch it, and changes of emotions in every second of the movie

The place, like every other movie its just simple, not too much production, with the city like place the story develops in a normal environment and the society of today. The costumes are not something important in this film, just the normal stuff and clothes that we use every day.

“Crazy, stupid, love” is a film to watch and learn with all the family, that with a pinch of humor, we learn how to affront every day in our life. Very recommend por all can of people, no matter sex or age

Student name: Francisco Sica

Class: 5to "C"

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