Friday, September 16, 2011

Friends with benefits

Book/ Film: Friends with benefits
Genre: romantic comedy
Author/ Director: Will Gluck
Characters/ Actors: Justin Timberlake as Dylan; Mila Kunis as Jamie

'Friends With Benefits’ tells the story of two people who believe that they can be friends without getting in love. Jamie is an executive, and when everything appears to be all right, their friendship turns into something more. And then is when they start to feel trapped by the other person and complicated things start to happen.
Dylan is a typical boy from a little town, a little bit shine but with amazing ideas, and he has also some fears to resolve. And Jamie is a city girl, and she lives life careless and getting worried about nothing.
The main characters are Justin Timberlake as Dylan, and Mila Kunis as Jamie. This couple made a great work in the movie and their main attraction is the sensuality that both have.
The music is amazing and totally according to the rhythm of the movie, which is very dynamic and entertained. It has modern themes as ‘Hey Soul Sister’, and also classics like ‘New York New York’. In my opinion the music of the movie make the viewer feel involved with the plot.
The movie takes place in New York, and incredible city. New York has uncountable beautiful places to appreciate, a lot of things to that make the actors not to stop for a minute. This special detail from the city makes the movie even better and more real.
I loved ‘Friends With Benefits’ because is a really nice romantic comedy film. The movie makes you laugh and cry, and shows a lot of feelings in real life. I recommend it for lovely couples because you’ll have a beautiful time with this original story.

Student name: Sofía Militerno

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