Friday, September 23, 2011

Book/ Film: 127 hours
Genre: Drama
Author/ Director: Danny Boyle
Characters/ Actors: James Franco, Amber Tamblyn and Kate Mara


127 Hours it's an american dramatic-suspense genre film based on a real story. It was realized on November 5,2010 after a long effort of Danny Boyle,
the director and Christian Colson, the producer. The protagonist of this film is James Franco, who play the part of Aron Ralston, a young climber who likes to "escape" from the city
in his free time to go to enjoy the landscapes of nature.As secondary actresses, Amber Tamblyn as Megan and Kate Mara as Christie who find Aron in his tragic adventure before the accident.

One weekend, Aron decides to climb, as he used to do it, to clear their problems, however, he didn´t tell anyone where he would go and then that will produce big problems.In his adventure
as a climber, he met two girls, Megan and Chritie, who helps locate and share the afternoon together. Then, Aron decided to resume his own way. While he was exploring, there was a breakdown
that leaves him with his hand stuck on a rock. As the hours go by and he notices that he can't disengaged his hand and the food and water runs out, he will have to taqke a very hard desicion.
During the movie shows all Aron attempts to free the rock, his concern to see that I had no food or water and despair to think that he will die in that place, therefore, he constantly
records a video to his family and friends saying how much he love them and what happens day to day.

While the story is moving, it became a bit long, that makes the film lose emotion because it's too repetitive and makes you want the end quickly.
The set of the film is really good and surprising. The takes of landscapes give the film a high quality.

During the film shows a constant change of cameras, between Director's camera and Aron's camera, that was great and they give a special touch.

In my opinion, 127 hours, it's a very interesting film, with a great and little expected ending, but as I said a bit long for the plot.

Student name: Luz Victoria
Class: 5° Humanistico

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