Thursday, September 15, 2011

Life is Beautiful

Life is beatiful
This is an Italiam novie made in 1997 about an Italiam Jewish man named Guido Orefice(played by Roberto Benini who has also directed the movie).He win 50 internationals awards,for example 3 Oscars. It is based in
"in the end, defeat Hittler" the Rubino Romero Salmani an exiting book written by Romeo Saimon. This movie is set in the era of the holocaust and shows how Jewish people suffered. A devoted father invents a story and tells it to his son Josue(Giorgio Contardi) so he doesn´t realize how tough life can be. This whole imagination game saves Josue life from de horror that the holocaust causes.Guido is willing to do whatever its necessary to protect Josue.
The movie shows a sad reality but it leaves a nice message, to see the good side from every situation and never give up. Even when it seems a stupid thing to do, we always have to help each other.
The movie shows clearly how people lived in this era, the structure of the concentration camps, the physical characteristics of the German people, the Jewish’s suffering and the different ways of murder.
This is one of my favorite movies because it has it all, love, history and drama. I really like the feelings it shows.
Student name: Florencia Arballo
Class: 5to c

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