Friday, September 16, 2011

The Last Song

Book/ Film: The last song
Genre: drama
Author/ Director:
Characters/ Actors: Julie Annie Robinson
Review: Miley Cyrus, Greg Kinnear and Liam Hewsworth.

This movie, directed by Julie Annie Robinson, was released in the U.S.A IN 2010. Its protagonists are Miley Cyrus, Greg Kinnear and Liam Hewsworth.

It shows the antipathy between a teenager (Miley Cyrus) and her father who had left her to move out from the city. This teenager and her brother have to spend the summer with their father.

This move also shows how during some days, the daughter realizes how much she loves her father and despite being angry at the beginning, she ends up enjoying the summer.

The acting in this movie is particulary important because the characters convey the sadness and the happiness they feel.

The music is consistent with the sad moments because it really touches the audience and generates a tense atmosphere.

As a conclution, this is very moving movies that help us to be aware of what we have and to be grateful to have people loving us.

Student name: Cecilia Aviñón
Class: 5to Contable

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