Friday, September 16, 2011

The Cutting Edge 2: Going for the gold

Book/ Film: "The Cutting Edge 2: Going for the gold"
Genre: Romantic comedy
Author/ Director: Sean McNamara
Characters/ Actors:Ross Thomas and Christy Carlson Romano.

“ The Cutting Edge 2: going for the gold” is a romantic comedy film which is starred by Ross Thomas and Christy Carlson Romano. It was filmed in the USA in 2006 and directed by Sean McNamara. The film lasts 98 minutes and it should be watched by people over thirteen years-old.

“The Cutting Edge 2” tells a story about Jackie Dorsey (Christy Romano) who is competing to win the Olympic gold in ice-skating but, in her performance, she falls and brakes her leg. She is so depressed because she is only thinking about winning that prize, so her father invites her to go on holidays. There, Jackie meets Alex (Ross Thomas), a good-looking surfer guy, who helps her to return to the competition. However, everything is not so easy. Although they fall in love with each other, an ex Alex’s girlfriend appears.

Ross and Christy had to learn to skate professionally before filming the film because they only had stuntmen in very difficult tricks. Much of the time in the film they are skating, for example, when they are preparing their performance for the regional competition, in the Olympic competition, and so on.

The costume design in Cutting Edge 2 emphasizes Jackie and Alex characters in daily life and it’s different and special in every performance they do, it really helps you to know the personality of the characters.

I think it’s a great option if you want to watch something different and original mixed with an amazing sport like ice-skating is. I recommend this film because it is not static like others films, in stead of this, it has a lot of changes throughout the film which makes you want to continue watching it.

Student name: Cynthia Garcia

Class: 5º Hum

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