Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Warriors

Book/ Film: The Warriors
Genre: Accion/drama
Author/ Director: Walter Hill
Characters/ Actors: David Harris,, James Remar,, Michael Beck, y Thomas Waites

The film is about a street band called "The warriors". They are invited to meeting with other bands of the place which is organized by "Cyrus", the leader of the most important band of new york. Cyrus gives a speech to all the bands telling them that there were five members of any band for each police in the city. He proposes them to dominate the city.

Suddenly a man called "Luther" who is the leader of "the rogues" band, shoots Cyrus but he says it was "Cleon" the leader of the Warriors who shooted Cyrus.
There starts a big confussion and all the bands want to capture the members of the Warriors who will have to survivor escaping from them and trying to come back to Coney Island where they are from. In their way back they will have many fights but they will prove their innocense.

This is one of my favorite films because I discovered it by playing the game of "the Warriors" in the play station. My favorite character is "Swam", whi after cleon´s death becomes in the Warriors leader. He is a great fighter and he has an extraordinary personality.

Student name: Enzo Buonassisa
Class: 5to Humanistico

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