Friday, November 20, 2009

"Just Like Heaven"

Film: Just Like Heaven
Genre: Comedy, romance
Director: Mark Waters
Cast: Reese Witherspoon and Mark Ruffalo

When David moves to his new apartment, after his wife death, the last thing he want to found there is company, but surprinsingly Elizabeth shows up with the idea that the apartment was hers...until she disappears right in front his eyes. He is convinced she is a spirit, on the other hand she is convinced she is still alive.
After a long time trayin to understand things, David agrees to figure out who Elizabeth really is. While they are trying to find some clues together, their reationship changed from resentment to love.
Unfortunately things take a turn for the worse when the hospital and Elizabeth's sister follow her wishes to not artificially prolong life and take her off life support.

Mark Ruffalo’s performances is amazingly perfect, he surprised as every time with his unexpectedly actions, but at the end, he undoubtly touched our hearts with the most unexpectedly, beautiful and romantc love action of all times.

This film change the wrong thought that love depends on destiny and teachs us that, on the contrary, DESTINY depends on LOVE, specially if you love with every peace of your heart.

Student name: Florencia Castiglioni
Class: 5th Humanistico

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