Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Turn of the Screw

Genre: Fantastic
Author: Henry James.
Characters: Governess, Mrs. Grose.


The novel is about a governess who accepts to look after two sweet children, Flora and Miles, in a mansion called Bly.
The owner of the mansion is the children's uncle. He doesn't live there. He never visit them.
When the govermess starts working she gets on very well with the landlady Mrs. Grose.
Along the time, this woman realises the children have a strange behaviour, she doesn't know why.
One day, different ghost appear, Mrs Jessel their last governess and Doctor Quint the man in charge. Both of them are dead.
These ghosts follow the children, when the governess realises of it she tries to help them but she does't know how to do it.
She discusses the subject with Mrs. Grose and comes to the conclusion those apparitions want to take a children with them.
At lost she decides to face Dr, Quint and he leaves for ever . Just at thet moment she sees Dr Quint's soul is in Miles, when she fixes her eyes on him the boy dies.

I think it's a very interesting book because i was anxious to go on reading to know the end. What i liked most about the plot is that the governess knew the real problem little by little.
Although i wouldn't choose a fantastic tale to read if i had to, i enjoyed it.

Student name: Maida Salto

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