Monday, November 16, 2009

The Hundred and One Dalmatians

Book/ Film: The Hundred and One Dalmatians
Genre: comedy/drama
Author/ Director: Clyde Geronimi


The Hundred and One Dalmatians, or the Great Dog Robbery is a 1956 children's novel by Dodie Smith which is made film years later. In my opinion is one of most beautiful movies for children I have ever seem. What is most, I know almost the whole dialog. It has an excellent music and a good and hard work of the creators.

This story is about a pair of Dalmatians who are able to think and act like humans do. This is the most interesting and funny thing of the story: how are their reactions and thoughts.

Pongo and Missis Pongo, the dogs,
feel in love and have 15 puppies together. They live with the newly married Mr and Mrs Dearly and their two nannies in a very nice and warm house. All was happiness until one day the puppies disappear.

The humans were desperate and went to the police for help. A few hours later, Mr Dearly realized that the Cruella de Vil, an intimidating woman and her wife’s boss, could be the kidnapper because she hates animals and love fur coats of dogs skins.

With the help of other dogs and all sort of animals of the country, Pongo and Missis Pongo could discovered were the pupils were. They treated to explain it to the Dearlys but fail. So the dogs decide to run away and find themselves.

After a journey across country, they meet lots of animals which help the looking of their pupils and other ones which Cruella had enclosed in a big mansion far away.

Fortunately the story has a happy ending and noone is hurt. 101 are discovered and kipped by Mr ans Mrs Dearly.

Student name: Camila Bini
Class: 5to H!

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