Sunday, November 01, 2009


Series: Greek
Genre: Comedy / Drama
Creator: Patrick Sean Smith
Actors: Scott Michael Foster, Spencer Grammer, Paul James, Jacob Zachar, Jake McDorman.


Writing about Greek is kind of difficult because it has many interesting points to light out. On one hand, we have the typical American comedy about a group of college students that just wants to have fun. On the other hand, we can notice the deep message that this series want to transmit, the worthiness of friendship, loyalty and even though this story is based on a college campus, the importance of living the “college experience” at its maximum expression.

This series was premiered on July 2007, with a good audience level. At the moment Greek has two completed seasons and is going through the 3rd season. At total it has 53 episodes of about 43 minutes each one. Furthermore, the plot is basically about the life of college students in the modern USA.

Beginning with the particular case of Rusty Cartwright, a new student in his first year of university, considered a “geek” in his high school that tries to get in a fraternity (fraternal social organizations for undergraduate students). He gets in “Kappa Tau” where he meets Cappie, the “director” of that fraternity, and ex-boyfriend of his older sister Casey.
Moreover, the story gets funny spins and makes the viewer find out Greek as an unique piece of art.

In conclusion, Greek is one of my favourite series, but some critics like to point it out as a “non familiar programme” because of it contents of drinking, partying and homosexuality in some cases. For me, it has an special touch of magic... Something that makes the story being so amazingly told, although, I haven’t finished to watch it completely.

Student name: Lucía Cuezzo

Class: 5to H

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