Friday, November 13, 2009

The Perfect Score

Film: The Perfect Score

Genre: Comedy
Author/ Director: Brian Robbins

Characters/ Actors: Erika Christensen, Anna Ross, Chris Evans, Matty Matthews and Scarlett Johansson

Review:The Perfect Score is a story about six high school students that band together to steal the answers to the college exam. They have discovered that this one test will determine their future, and the college that will admit them. Each student has his or her own reasons for deciding to become criminals and beat the system. They justify this act saying that it’s unfair and and discriminates against them. Then they decide to steal the test.
Lucky for them, the father of one in the group is an owner of the building where they find the tests. This student gets the building plans, and she also has a door card key. Their lives change with this for the better.

Student name: Victoria Alonso


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