Monday, November 16, 2009

Good Bye Lenin

Film: "Good Bye Lenin"
Wolfgang Becker.
Actors: Daniel Bruhl, Katrin Sab, María Simón, Chulpa Jamatova, Alexander Beyer, Michael Gwisdek.

October 1989 was not the best time to go into a comma living in the German Democratic Republic, and that is exactly what happens to Alexander Kerner’s (Daniel Brühl) mother, Christiane, a woman proud of his socialist and leader of Unified Socialist Party delivered to the policy because of the divorced with her husband, who lost consciousness when he saw his son got into trouble following a demonstration against Erich Honecker. Alex was involved in a complicated situation when her mother comes out of coma eight months later. Nothing else would affect as much as the the fall of the Berlin Wall and the triumph of capitalism in her beloved East Germany, (She was already warned by the doctor to avoid a possible relapse), so he decided not to tell her mother that the Berlin Wall has fallen while she was sick. This will mount a series of fake news programs, with the help of his friend Denis, which will write its own story.
So to save his mother, Alex transforms the family apartment into an island stuck in the past, a kind of last bastion of socialism in which his mother lives believing that nothing has changed. What begins as a white lie turns into a major scam as Alex's sister and some neighbors are responsible for maintaining the charade that Alex's mother continues to believe that nothing had changed. One of them is Lara, a nurse Alex Russian conquest during his mother's coma. Finally knowing by Lara dies in a scene before seeing the last newscast he has prepared his son to Germany is now one country and that socialism has fallen.
Student name: María Aiello Lacal. Class: 5to Humanístico.

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