Friday, August 07, 2009

terminator salvation

Film: Terminator Salvation
Genre: Science fiction

Director: Joseph McGinty Nichol
Christian Bale (John Connor),
Sam Worthington (Marcus Wright)
Anton Yelchin (Kyle Reese)
Bryce Dallas Howard(Kate Connor)
Helena Bonham Carter (Dr. Serena Kogan)
Moon Bloodgood (Blair Williams)


In 2018, John Connor , the man destined to lead the surviving humans in their fight against the machines driven by the brain and its devastating technological skynet terminator soldiers . A task for which he was raised since birth by his mother , Sarah Connor , but the future that Connor has learned to believe it . He will be altered by the apearence of Marcus Wright a stranger whose last memory was a man on death row . As leader of the resistance , Connor must decide if Marcus has been sent to the future orders for the machines or an ally rescued from the past when skynet prepares its final blow Connor and Marcus embark on an odyssey that will take them to the operations center skynet ,which will discover a terrible secret that could mean the annihilation of the human race.

Student name: Lourdes Sabrina Rodríguez
Class: 5 º Humanistico

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  1. I love the Terminator movies! But I haven't seens this one.... I will have to watch it!