Friday, August 28, 2009


Book/ Film: Alfie
Genre: Drama/Romance
Author/ Director: Charles Shyer
Characters/ Actors: Jude Law, Marisa Tomei

Review: The movie is about alfie´s life. An ambicious, irresponsable man. But he is very handsome and women die for him. He moves to New York looking for succesfull and love. Among the story, different women fall in love with him and after a short time he leaves them heart broken. After a time starts happening to him the same he did to the others. He falls in love and he is abandoned by women. Alfie shows in a special way the infidelity issue and the common problems between couples. Explaining how nowadays people don´t want to have a really compromise with love.

In my opinion the character Jude Law, of this film, performs a limusine driver very handsome, in an exelent way, having a lot of seduction and charm; getting this way a memorable and convincent performing.

Student name: Enzo Buonassisa
Class: 5to H

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  1. I like your opinion about the film. It's very interesting to see men's opinion about women and infidelity.