Wednesday, August 05, 2009

The Perfect Man

Book/ Film: The Perfect Man
Genre: Comedy.
Author/ Director: Mark Rosman.
Characters/ Actors: Hilary Duff (Holly Hamilton), Heather Locklear (Jean Hamilton) and Chris Noth (Ben Cooper).


The movie is about the story of a teenager called Holly Hamilton, she lives with her mother Jean and her younger sister.Holly is tired of moving every time her mother breaks a loving relationship because it means changing her way of living, studying and besides leaving her friends.In their last moving, she started a new school year and knew her friend Amber. They had a lot of things in common, one day that friend invited her to have luch uncle's restaurant (Ben Cooper) .At that moment she realised Ben was the perfect man for her mother because of the way he spoke about women.Holly wanted her mother to be happy again so she decided to create a secret admirer having the perfect man's charecteristics. He fried's uncle helped her to get her plan. Holly sent her letters, mails, little gifts etc.Her plan was successful because her mother showed happy but Holly couldn't go on playing with her mother's illusion and she organised an appointment. Her mother went there and Holley appeared (instead of that admirer) telling her all the truth. Jean's reaction was of anger and sadness but at last she understood Holly had been looking for her happiness.
In my opinion the movie is interesting, and I understand Holly's situation because I'm teenager.
I also liked the actors and actresses's performance because they worked very well.

Student name: Maida Daniela Salto.
Class: 5º Humanistico.

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