Friday, September 18, 2009

The Ugly Truth

Book/ Film: The ugly truth
Genre: Comedy
Author/ Director: Robert Luketic
Characters/ Actors: Katherine Heigl (Abby), Gerard Butler(Mike), Bree Turner


The Ugly truth tells the story of Abby, a desperate woman who works in a TV news channel (who's about to be canceled because of bad raiting), who doesn't have been on a date for over a year. She's the typical, solitary and inexperience woman who's waiting for her "Mr. Perfect" and thinks that guys are always honest and cute.

Then we have Mike, a guy who`s a hardcore personality and doesn't believe in "true love", he tells woman what most men really are and think about it.

One day Abby must hire Mike to save they TV channel, and they call the show "the ugly truth". Everibody loves Mike except Abby, who thinks he's a dirty and unlikely man. But in the mean time Mike bet Abby to teach her how to meet a guy and keep it for good. If he wins, he will quit the job, but if he dont he will stay. When it happens, Mike realize that he was falling in love with Abby, and that all the things he tells people everyday on his show doesn't happend all the time.

Abby falls in love with Mike too, so she leaves "Mr Perfect", and after a couple of situations, Abby and Mike stay together for will and realizes that "The ugly truth" is not always so ugly.

Student name: Tania Balmaceda
Class:5to H

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