Friday, September 18, 2009

Baby's Day Out

Book/ Film: Baby's Day Out


Author/ Director:
written by John Hughes and produced by Richard Vane and John Hughes and directed by Patrick Read Johnson

Characters/ Actors:
Adam and Jacob Worton


“Baby's Day Out” is a 1994 comedy film written by John Hughes and produced by Richard Vane and John Hughes, about one day's adventures of a kidnapped baby in the city. The movie was directed by Patrick Read Johnson. The film stars twins Adam and Jacob Worton.

Bink Cotwell Jr. is the baby of a rich family. This family lives in a big mansion. Bink is the only child of house and receives the attention of all. Every night his mother reads a book in which a boy has adventures in the city.
One day, kidnappers posing as photographers and kidnap the child without anyone even noticing. Parents to discover that your child is missing and they call the police. Unfortunately for the kidnappers, the baby appears to be much intelligent than them. The baby escapes for his captors who begin to chase him around the city without success.

While looking for the baby, the police discover the story of the mother that the child go to different places of the city for those areas that relate to children's books.

Student name: Victoria Alonso

Class: 5to H

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